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Hi, everyone!

Sorry I've been so quietly lately. I just have a lot of important things to think about that might change things for me in the future. I hope everyone is doing okay and great things are happening for you guys.

I'm pretty bored, so feel free to bother me if you are too.



I had an awesome day today. Riding on a motorcycle is fun. Kyuubi promised he wouldn't kill me and he kept his promise. Haha. No, it was fun and the helmet didn't destroy my hair too badly.

We went to Cold Stone and got ice cream obviously. He'll probably be annoyed that I'm telling you. XD He's so adorable and fun to be around, though.  Cookie dough is so good. Much better than cheesecake. That's for sure.

I hardly have anything to say in these journals. I wonder if that's a good or bad thing. Oh well. I guess I should go do stuff or maybe just lie around and watch movies all day. Or figure out what drag show I'm going to drag Neji off to.

I still need to meet a lot of people, so those of you I haven't met, don't get freaked out if I say hi!
Things are really quiet around here. I should look at that as as good thing, I suppose. I'm guess I'm just used to the way things went in L.A. Um, there's not much for me to talk about...

I design clothes in my free time if anyone is interested.

Oh, and this is like the first time where no one has mistaken me for a girl, except that Suigetsu person, but I didn't pay much attention to him, so that's kind of neat.

Anyway, I'm bored, so I guess I'll try to be productive, but really I'll just sit around and eat Skittles.


Meet and Greet results

I met a few people at that little meet and greet. I haven't run into anyone that I didn't like and I've already made it my goal to bother Sasori and Kyuubi on a regualr basis... I think I have a thing for bothering red heads. Haha

I met Neji's cousin, Hinata. She's really pretty and very sweet. Udon is completely adorable and Kankuro was funny. Oh, and Naruto was really nice and funny, too. 

I'm pretty sure that I'll get along with everyone here. I like meeting new people, after all.  

Other than that, I'm just really excited about everything. I also can't seem  to find my credit card and I know I had it when I got home... Hm.

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